Awareness Campaign On Cashless Transations

 2019-03-22 23:49:12

Govt. Degree College Billawar organized one day Awareness Workshop under Vittiya Saksharata Abhiyaan (VISAKA) on �Cashless Transactions. Prof. Suresh Kumar Sharma, principal of the college presided over the function. The workshop was intended to educate the students and faculty members to adapt digital mode of transactions. A number of college students including Mohd. Bilal, Ms. Arti Devi, Mohd. Ashraf and Ms. Amrit Bharti expressed the merits and necessity of going digital payment system aftermath the demonetization. Dheeraj Goswami, Associate Executive J&K Bank, Billawar, who was the resource person, delivered a detailed lecture on various modes of electronic transfer of funds along with practical demonstrations. He focused on the various advantages of cashless transactions and also underlined the necessity of exercising precautions during such transactions. A large no. of students and faculty members attended the workshop and interacted with the resource persons to clear the apprehensions regarding digital mode of payment. In the end Prof. Sanjeev Gupta presented the vote of thanks.